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Industrial x-ray film 14*17in
Product Detail:

                                                               NDT Xray Film, OEM Japan NDT Xray Film

Our brand NDT films are cutted from original Japan NDT film jumbo rolls, which have the international standards on radiographic system corresponding to: For example: the quality, specifications, and standards.

What's more, we provide you HIGH speed, SHARP images, GOOD quality, and most imprtant the reliability with the economical price.

The Equavalent Brand and world standards as below:

Fuji Agfa Kodak EN 584 ASTM E1815 ISO11699
IX25 D2 DR50 C1 Special T1
IX50 D3 M100 C2 Class I T1
IX50 D4 MX125 C3 Class I T2
IX80 D5 T200 C4 Class I T2
IX100 D7 AA400 C5 Class II T3
IX150 D8/F8 HS800

Supplying sizes:


Available Packing form:

Sheets Rolls
PB Contact pack
NIF Rolls (bulk)
Lead Pack

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