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NDT industrial film chemical liquid Fixer
Product Detail:
                                    Product Name: NDT industrial film chemical liquid Fixer

Product Features
Wide latitude, better anti-oxidation, effective stability;
Effect of low fog, powerful contrast, sharp sensitivity and high resolution ratio;
Clean formula.

Applied Film Types
Automatic and manual processing;
Suitable for different manufacturers' films, such as Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Lucky etc..
For general radiography: blue sensitive x-ray film, green sensitive x-ray film; and CT film.

The former is recommended with any kinds of film processor, developing at 30-35℃ in 23s;
In manual processing, the film should be developed in temperature 20℃ for 5 minutes, fixed in 5-8 minutes, washed for 10-30 minutes and dried.

Packing and specifications
Export Packing: Corrugated paper; 2 sets/ carton; 36*21*33cm/Carton; 60 cartons/Pallet
Outer Packing Size: 36*21*33cm/Carton
Gross Weight: 16.5KGS/Carton
Shelf Life: 24months

Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 5-30℃,);
Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, direct sunlight, any bad effective gases;
Quality guarantee for two years, but be sure the package is good sealed;
Powder: The compounded developing and fixing liquid shall be used after 12 hours’ immobility and kept with cover.

1. Never mix up any fixer with the developer;
2. All containers must be clean, thus to make sure necessary protection devices;
3. The processing chemicals is irritant, workers shall take full protection;
4. The development temperature is normally 30-35 ℃, please set as required;
5. Each unit packing is supplied for preparing 38L of working solutions for the development and fixing respectively.

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