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medical x-ray film chemical powder Developer
Product Detail:
                                         Product Name: medical x-ray film chemical powder Developer
Product Features
Be selected utilizing many advancements achieved in the technical research work carried out on the basis of the standard recipe defined by state MLI, this product can offer satisfactory radiographs during the processing of medical X-ray film at normal temperature, showing excellent performance characteristics.
High processing speed, giving radiographic images with high contrast, low fog, high definition and sharp gradation satisfactory for clinical diagnosis, especially in the soft tissue of human body;
Quick fixage rate, good hardening effect and high keeping quality of radiographs images;

Applied Film Types
Manual and rapid processing;
Suitable for different manufacturers' films, such as Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Lucky etc..
For general radiography: blue sensitive x-ray film, green sensitive x-ray film; and CT film.

These chemicals are designated for processing medical x-ray film at room temperature, normally under the following conditions:
Development 3-5mins at 18 – 24 ℃

Packing and specifications
Export Packing: Corrugated paper; 25sets/ carton; 60 cartons/Pallet
Outer Packing Size: 41*24*17cm/Carton
Gross Weight: 10.5KGS/Carton
Shelf Life: 24months

Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 5-30℃);
Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, direct sunlight, any bad effective gases;
Quality guarantee for two years, but be sure the package is good sealed;
Powder: The compounded developing and fixing liquid shall be used after 12 hours’ immobility and kept with cover.

1. Dissolve the chemicals according to the order and procedure recommended;
2. Vessels for preparing developer and fixer must be clean their mix-use is interdicted;
3. Store in a dry, cool and aerated place. Avoid strong lighting;
4. The prepared solutions should be kept in containers with covers for 24 hours before use;

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