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Medical X-Ray Film Chemicals Fixer
Product Detail:
                                    Product Name:Medical X-Ray Film Chemicals Fixer

Applied Film Types:
Applied for automatic processing in Medical blue sensitive X-Ray Film, Medical blue sensitive X-Ray Film, CT film, it is suitable for Kodak, Fuji, Agfa etc..

The products is designed for 60~180 seconds automated processing or manual processing.
Can be used with various medical films.
Can supply processing effect of low fog, powerful contrast, sharp sensitivity and high resolution ratio.

Product Name Contents Volume(L)

(To Make 38L)                       A 5L*2 bottles
                                              B 1L*2 bottles

Mark:Red lable for Developer ;Blue lable for Fixer
Customized packing is acceptable.

1. Add 30~40℃ quality water 26L;
2. Slowly mix with A;
3. Slowly mix with B;
4. Slowly mix with C.
5. Until mix well enough.

Handling :
The former is recommended with any kinds of film processor, developing at 30-35℃ in 23s.
In manual processing ,the film should be developed in temperature 20℃for 5 minutes, fixed in 5-8 minutes, washed for 10-30 minutes and dried.

Store in a cool, dry place (The suitable temperature is 5-30℃,).
Keep it away from dampness, high temperature, direct sunlight, any bad effective gases.
Quality guarantee for two years, but be sure the package is good sealed.\

1. Never mix up any fixer with the developer;
2. All containers must be clean, thus to make sure necessary protection devices;
3. The processing chemicals is irritant, workers shall take full protection;
4. The development temperature is normally 30-35 ℃, please set as required;
5. Each unit packing is supplied for preparing 38L of working solutions for the development and fixing respectively.

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